Sloka Telecom launches new wireless access solutions, Aug 23, 2012

Sloka telecom launches two BWA solutions, Aug 23, 2012

Sloka Telecom launches High Speed Voice and Data Transfer solutions for ISPs, Aug 22, 2012

Sloka Has A New Growth Strategy, Aug 21, 2012

Sloka Telecom to raise $5-6 million through venture capital funds, Aug 21, 2012

Sloka Telecom: A small but growing presence, May 30, 2011

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A pioneer in delivering high performance and cost effective 4G wireless broadband solutions, Sloka offers its product portfolio in WiFi & WiMAX for licensed and unlicensed spectrum.


Sloka has been a strong force to reckon in the field of WiMAX delivering fixed WiMAX solutions for enterprises, residential and backhaul. Sloka's WiMAX portfolio comprises a range of broadband connectivity products in Point-to-Multipoint solutions. Sloka powers a variety of applications like enterprise connectivity, triple play solutions for residential broadband, VoIP/EPABX, Video surveillance, Campus connectivity, SoHo, Hospitals and Defense organizations.

Sloka's Point-to-Multipoint solutions:

Point-to-Point / Backhaul

Sloka offers a broadband wireless products to ISPs based on the WiFi 802.11n technology to provide cost-effective and low powered dedicated broadband links.

Sloka's WiFi portfolio comprises of point-to-point and point-to-multipoint solutions to provide leased like connectivity to enterprises, residential, backhaul links between NOCs and remote distribution networks, and WiFi hotspots. Sloka's Ruby and Emerald WiFi units help ISPs in delivering secured, scalable and reliable solutions for high broadband connectivity for VPN, VoIP, and video surveillance.

Sloka's Point-to-Point / Backhaul solutions:

Network Management

Sloka's Network Management Solution-Indigo NMS/AAA enables service providers to observe, analyze the wireless networks with ease.

Sloka's Network Management System (NMS) provides complete TMN (Telecommunications Management Network) functionalities with robust and scalable Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance and Security functions. Sloka's Authentication Authorization and Accounting (AAA) server delivers a comprehensive Subscriber Management System.

Sloka's NMS solution:

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